Words matter.

They have the power to clarify, inform, educate, inspire, and motivate. And on the job, what you say can make a big difference in the way you’re perceived, and whether or not you agree with it, perception is a necessary component of professional success.

To help you communicate with confidence and credibility, here are things you should better say at work:

1. Someone asks you a question but you don’t know the answer. 

– I don’t know. 

Better say: 

– I’m not sure but I can find out.

– Let me come back to you on that. 

2. Someone ask you if you can do something by a specific time. 

– I’ll try to finish that. 

– I’ll try my best. 

Better say: 

– I can get it done by [02pm].  

– I don’t think I can manage it by [02pm] but I can definitely have it done by [04pm]. 

3. Someone is angry or disappointed about something

– OK. 

– Yes.

Better say: 

– I understand. Let’s see what we can do about this. 

– I’m sorry. I understand. Let’s see what we can do about this. 

– I understand that you came all this way and it’s not ready. Let’s see what we can do. 

4. You are keeping somebody waiting. 

  I’m a little bit busy today, so….. 

Better say: 

– I”ll be with you in a moment. 

– Sorry to keep you waiting. I’ll be there with you in just few munites. 

5. When someone asks you a question but you didn’t hear them. 

– What?

Better say: 

– I’m sorry. I missed that. Could you say it again please. 

– Sorry. Would you mind just repeating that for me.