One of the biggest differences between rich and poor people is their intelligence, but it’s not the kind of intelligence measured in school. You’re considered smart in school if you have a good memory and learn to read and write quickly, but in the real world, different skills help you get ahead.

For entrepreneurs, intelligence is all about handling risks and financial losses, learning from mistakes and staying level-headed. Entrepreneurs build their businesses from the ground up using practical skills that are much more important than remembering things in books. 

So how do you acquire those skills? Well, you learn from a coach or a friend, or by taking a course from an expert. Then hone your skills by practicing them.

Because above all, we learn when we do – it’s experience that stays in our memory, not information we’ve memorized for a written test. And doing often means taking the wrong turn, miscalculating or making errors – errors that we’ll never make again thanks to a bad experience. In school we’re punished for our mistakes; we’re made to believe that only stupid people make them. The truth is the exact opposite.